Free course on Social Network Analysis – This course will use social network analysis, both its theory and computational tools, to make sense of the social and information networks that have been fueled and rendered accessible by the internet.


From the May 2012 – Talent Mangement: The Four Stages of a Complete Manager

This article talks about four stages that a “complete” manager should go through to become complete.  It also lists 10 attributes of a complete manager.

Very interesting article for managers and wanna-be managers in any field.


From The Economist: Bit rot – The world is losing its ability to reconstruct history. Better regulation could fix that

Short article about how so much of our history is digital yet there are many reasons why it may be hard in the future to actually access/read that history. 

Already, NASA has lost data from some of its earliest missions to the moon because the machines used to read the tapes were scrapped and cannot be rebuilt.”