Infographic: 5 Companies that are Rocking Social Media

I am intrigued by what ABC is doing around their show “Pan Am.”


Listen, Understand, Act: How a listening platform provides actionable insight

Listen, Understand, Act: How a listening platform provides actionable insight

A White Paper Sponsored by: Crimson Hexagon

Has your organization delved deep into the world of social media to engage your audiences, launch a blog or establish a community of customers? 

Whatever level of commitment to social media you possess, it’s vital to stay engaged and active to let you determine the buzz surrounding your brand. 

This white paper details how social analytics can help you target applicable markets, learn proper practices and receive rapid results on your efforts. 
Read on to learn how you can meet your executive and consumer’s needs by:

Assessing and adjusting marketing for better resonance
Understanding product performance and driving sales
Driving new product direction
And more!”