My notes on Case Study: How State Government Utilized Social Tools to Build a Nationwide Knowledge Network #SPTechCon

Governance – established who would be responsible for a subsite (aka community) and how that person would be trained to use that subsite

Looked at Social Principles of Engagement
Started with two sites. Govt picked the owners of the site and trained them on how to be a site admin.

Another decision was how the conversation would flow: one-way or two-way?

First step: they looked at other existing knowledge networks to see what they were doing socially. What were they doing well? What were they not doing? How does one participate in the conversation? What do you want yours to do?

Online community- what does this mean and define it

A good session on the technical aspect. Need one on the people/how to collaborate session.


My notes on Group Work Lists #SPTechCon

Wes Preston

It’s a Site Template
Group Work Site consist of
*Circulations list
*Pre-baked calendar
*Dashboard page

It’s a Site Feature
Go into Site Setting and you can activate this feature (Group Work Lists)

Site Settings > Manage Site Features > turn on group work lists

Circulations List > Very very simplistic workflow. Similar to a task list (might want to rig a task list). Set an alert to inform others when a new item is added.

My notes on Creating Simple Dashboards #SPTechCon

Jennifer Mason

We are going to tell a story to a user using a dashboard.

Use a single list with several web parts that have different views -Example 1 task list

Inline editing when creating a view makes a list more user friendly by allowing users to update items from the dashboard

Tabular view allows multi-selection of items

Think about using different styles when creating views. Some of the items (inline or tabular to name two) you have checked in a view cannot be shown because of the style you’ve chosen.

Just an aside: page vs new sub site. Sometimes you just need a page to display info, not a sub site. Something to think about.

What if my data lives in multiple columns?
Use lookup columns

Then use connections

My notes on SharePoint Lists: Used, Abused, and Under appreciated session #SPTechCon

Wes Preston

No code Customization

Lists (and Libraries)
*Things you can use now
*Trying to raise the bar – the baseline for end users is too low

*Users don’t know the baseline capabilities of SharePoint lists and libraries
*The more your users know, the less time they’ll take to manage aka support

Power Users
*Decision matrix – when to use which method

Columns, views, metadata
Easier form management

Use Columns and Views
*Views are used to provide a cleaner, more effective user experience
*Effective views rely on useful columns to filter and sort on

File naming > Properties
They won’t be indexed the way you think it will be. Underscores are not recognized as a delimiter.

Think about web parts versus group by because it looks cleaner but works better with static “status”

Group by
Good for dates, products, depts, subtotals

Separate web parts are good for:
*Status or category
*Display different fields
*Different controls
*Cleaner look
*Fake headings with CEWP

Views can be created to ignore them
2010 allows default values based on rules

New in 2010
*external list
*multi select items (check in more than 1 items
*per location view settings
*much easier to change forms

My notes from the Building Business Solutions: InfoPath and Workflows session

Building Business Solutions: InfoPath and Workflows
Jennifer Mason and Laura Rogers @jennifermason
InfoPath to create the form
SP Designer to add the workflow
Task list to track the form & workflow

Process Components
What is being approved or routed?
What tasks?
What emails need to be sent, verbiage? What will the user interface look like?

Get a flow chart together
Security restrictions – can people see each other forms, can they see a form they filled out and sent?
User interface
Task assignments How do we know a process is complete?

Be sure to ask about security at the BEGINNING because it’s time consuming to try to do after the solution is built.

Today’s Process Automation
Travel request SharePoint Site
SharePoint Lists
The SharePoint site
Travel Request Form: this is the main list for the request themselves.
Workflow based on this list.
Travelers: list Tasks: these are assigned to approvers throughout the workflow

Our Process Flow
Travel request submitted then the manager approval then completion

When you say “let’s add code to InfoPath,” you are better off just getting/letting a developer just create the solution not using InfoPath.

InfoPath Containers are used to “hide or show” sections on a form. Controls are what the form users see on the form. A field can be hidden.

Screen tips are useful for browser-based forms.

Date fields – be sure to uncheck recalculate so the date doesn’t refresh on your form

If you can only publish to Administrator only even if your forms don’t have code, then you need to go to your form’s setting then click on Programming then remove code.

Be sure to disable the ribbon or at a minimum disable the Save and Save As by going to a Form Options then Fillers.

How to submit a form: Never use the default name of “form”. Use a function to concatenate fields to make it each form a unique form

To hide something on a form, it needs to be in a section. Make sure you don’t hide a field that is required or you will get errors.

From the May 2012 – Talent Mangement: The Four Stages of a Complete Manager

This article talks about four stages that a “complete” manager should go through to become complete.  It also lists 10 attributes of a complete manager.

Very interesting article for managers and wanna-be managers in any field.


From The Economist: Bit rot – The world is losing its ability to reconstruct history. Better regulation could fix that

Short article about how so much of our history is digital yet there are many reasons why it may be hard in the future to actually access/read that history. 

Already, NASA has lost data from some of its earliest missions to the moon because the machines used to read the tapes were scrapped and cannot be rebuilt.”