My notes on SharePoint Lists: Used, Abused, and Under appreciated session #SPTechCon

Wes Preston

No code Customization

Lists (and Libraries)
*Things you can use now
*Trying to raise the bar – the baseline for end users is too low

*Users don’t know the baseline capabilities of SharePoint lists and libraries
*The more your users know, the less time they’ll take to manage aka support

Power Users
*Decision matrix – when to use which method

Columns, views, metadata
Easier form management

Use Columns and Views
*Views are used to provide a cleaner, more effective user experience
*Effective views rely on useful columns to filter and sort on

File naming > Properties
They won’t be indexed the way you think it will be. Underscores are not recognized as a delimiter.

Think about web parts versus group by because it looks cleaner but works better with static “status”

Group by
Good for dates, products, depts, subtotals

Separate web parts are good for:
*Status or category
*Display different fields
*Different controls
*Cleaner look
*Fake headings with CEWP

Views can be created to ignore them
2010 allows default values based on rules

New in 2010
*external list
*multi select items (check in more than 1 items
*per location view settings
*much easier to change forms


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