My notes from the Building Business Solutions: InfoPath and Workflows session

Building Business Solutions: InfoPath and Workflows
Jennifer Mason and Laura Rogers @jennifermason
InfoPath to create the form
SP Designer to add the workflow
Task list to track the form & workflow

Process Components
What is being approved or routed?
What tasks?
What emails need to be sent, verbiage? What will the user interface look like?

Get a flow chart together
Security restrictions – can people see each other forms, can they see a form they filled out and sent?
User interface
Task assignments How do we know a process is complete?

Be sure to ask about security at the BEGINNING because it’s time consuming to try to do after the solution is built.

Today’s Process Automation
Travel request SharePoint Site
SharePoint Lists
The SharePoint site
Travel Request Form: this is the main list for the request themselves.
Workflow based on this list.
Travelers: list Tasks: these are assigned to approvers throughout the workflow

Our Process Flow
Travel request submitted then the manager approval then completion

When you say “let’s add code to InfoPath,” you are better off just getting/letting a developer just create the solution not using InfoPath.

InfoPath Containers are used to “hide or show” sections on a form. Controls are what the form users see on the form. A field can be hidden.

Screen tips are useful for browser-based forms.

Date fields – be sure to uncheck recalculate so the date doesn’t refresh on your form

If you can only publish to Administrator only even if your forms don’t have code, then you need to go to your form’s setting then click on Programming then remove code.

Be sure to disable the ribbon or at a minimum disable the Save and Save As by going to a Form Options then Fillers.

How to submit a form: Never use the default name of “form”. Use a function to concatenate fields to make it each form a unique form

To hide something on a form, it needs to be in a section. Make sure you don’t hide a field that is required or you will get errors.


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