Yeah! It’s an infograph: Big Data-Defining the Digital Deluge…


From Talent Management: The Road to Analytics

“HR metrics have come a long way in the last 40 years, but talent leaders still struggle to connect their talent management activities to business impact.”

From SAAMA blog: Why can’t I find good BI Business Analysts?

To me, this sums up and answers this blog post (it is from the blog post): “A ‘great’ BI BA is one who understands the ‘business’ not just its requirements; one who understands how the requirements are aligned to the business goals;  one who can almost read a business users mind to capture the ‘said’ and ‘unsaid’ requirements and eventually drive the project team to design/develop a solution that meets these expectations.”

Social Technologies and Social Networks

So we are discussing how to use social technologies to encourage social networking (collaboration) at work.  I really love social media and the possibilities to increase effectivenss at work.  Where I work I have really tried to use social technologies, especially for informal learning purposes. 

So I am the manager of the CareFirst Trainers Community of Practice (CoP).  One of the things we have done is to conduct an internal #lrnchat ( using Presently.  It has been a way for trainers from all over CareFirst to share knowledge.  So individuals have been recognized as being experts due to their answers.

For my Mod 3 individual project, I want to propose that my division at CareFirst make a concerted effort to use SharePoint to collaborate with one another.  Hopefully, we can make this work in my division and replicate that throughout CareFirst.  We’ll see.



One link and an infograph

The infograph is on the cost of being an early adopter: link is to an Information Management article called Consumerization of IT: It???s a Strange World. iPhones and iPads as well as other smart phones and tablets are just the norm so, I think, companies need to embrace these technologies rather than fight them or ban them. You can’t! Where I work, Apple was a dirty word…until the CIO got an iPad.…