Micro-Learning: Knowledge in Four Minutes or Less #ls2011 #906


Joseph O’Malley

Alternate Title for this presentation: How Brittany Spears Inspired a Training Program

The Challenge: Not enough time to take education/training.  How do we make the training more efficient?

The idea for this came from Celebrity Gossip.

Speaker tells us that we are doomed to see and hear Brittany all day today.

The Brittany Spears umbrella incident: Brittany was having a bad day, shaved her head, and attacked a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella.

They went to CNN and saw that the videos are only 2 1/2 minutes long on average.  They went to other news agencies and saw the very same thing when it came to videos. They decided to stick with four minutes or under.

The mission: Provide short snippets of learning/education electronically

Speaker tells us that nuns were the first to develop rapid learning by smacking the hands of their students with a ruler.

Micro-learning Format

  • Target: Large audience that was geographically dispursed
  • Topic: High level concept; detailed, step-by-step directions
  • Goal: Minimum; simple retention and application of the knowledge
  • Time Limit: Held fast to the four minute limit (does not include knowledge checks)

Had an opportunity to do micro-learning with the Performance Improvement education that was given during new hire orientation.  What did the Performance Improvement education look like (41 text heavy/bullet heavy slides in 30 minutes and ask at the very end: Questions?)

Defined what the education objectives with the PI group. Design objectives were already in place.

Explained the concept of micro-learning/knowledge nuggets to the PI group. Designed icons to help cement the PI concepts and explain the phases. Then they will tell a story about how patients were unhappy about not being able find rooms. Create a micro-learning.

They have a Knowledge Nuggets logo.  Their logo is a semi truck.  They use pictures of actual employees in the knowledge nuggets.

94% of the employees passed the post-test on the first try.  4.89 out of 5 course satisfaction.

96% were able to state what PI was.  68% were able to do PI in the correct order.

 4 minute nugget took 44 hours to create. Now it takes about 32 hours to create a nugget.

Slides will be up!

A W E S O M E session!


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