From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able in a Digital World #ls2011


Dr. Michael Wesch (he’s wearing a white shirt against white lights)

Culture shock comes from a total loss of self.  One must recreate one’s identity.

Media are not just tools or means of communication.  Media mediate relationships. When media changes, relationships change. (Think Facebook and Twitter)

TV changed our spatial relationships (chairs turned toward the TV) as well as interpersonal and family relationships.

A brief history of “Whatever
Prior to 1960s – five definitions of whatever. “Whatever. That’s what I meant.”
Late 60s – “I don’t care. Whatever.”
90s: MTV Generation – whatever = “meh”
Late 90s: “Whatever. I’ll do what I want.”
Future: “I care. Let’s do whatever it whatever means necessary.”

Generation Me (the quarter life crisis) 

The search for identity and recognition; the search for our authentic self leads to disengagement and fragmentation

User-generated content allows for user-generated filtering which allows for user-generated organization of the information.

Rethink commerce – The internet is removing the middle man in commerce transactions.

Rethink politics – the Do Tank:

New media is not controlled by the few, is not one way and is created by, for and around networks, not masses. New media results in more freedom, community, and participation yet also brings up issues of control, isolation and mass distraction.

Our learning moments create our culture: in our schools & in our companies.

SoMe is more than a conversation – it allows for global collaboration.


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