Using Five Factors of Micro-collaboration: Tips on Improving the SME Relationship #ls2011 #IDZone

Micro-collaboration Model

  1. Politics
  2. Structure
  3. Performance
  4. Culture 

Politics: Flattening power relationships

  • Sharing best practices
  • Do something for the SME
  • You are an expert too
  • Tools that demonstrate professionalism
  • Department level policy
  • Controlling the funds

Structure: Maintaining Strong Project Management Acumen
Meeting Protocol

Think about using a SharePoint Team Site and use discussion boards instead of emails so EVERYONE is in the loop on the project.

Focusing on Formative Evaluation
User Testing & Formative evaluation
Formal testing protocol – documentation of feedback
Post iterative workshop
Summative reporting 

Have the SMEs bring you/recommend user testers – the SMEs will be involved from the beginning, they have more buy-in

How do you encourage a user centric culture through user testing? Used a new employee to give feedback on eLearning. 

A Periodic Table Of Visual Communication Methods –

Culture: Maintaining an Active Communication Plan

  • Visualization Tools: whiteboards and PPT connection tool
  • Google docs
  • Wikis
  • Team Sites
  • Reviewer Software 

Ask your SMEs to think about their kids’ favorite games.  This will put them in a different mind state.
Ask your SME what makes them excited about your job, your initial passion for your field – Tell your SME that is what they want to share with the learners: the passion 

Use Mind Mapping software 

Use a pocket pen to record your conversations with your SMEs so you don’t forget what they have said. It helps you as a designer review the information so you can understand the topic better.


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