Keynote Speaker – Nancy Duarte, author of Resonate and slide:ology #ls2011

resonate: Visual Stories that Transform Learners & Audiences

Her husband had a dream of working from home…in his underwear.

Started with 35mm slides and then fell in love with reviled medium (creating PPT presentations).

No classes in degree programs on presenting information visually even though that’s how we do most of our information sharing.

Nancy wrote a book (slide:ology) to validate her knowledge.

The difference between presenters and trainers is that trainers know their audience. She suggests that you obsess over knowing your audience.

Presenters/trainers are mentors (think Yoda).

Presuassion is what it is all about.

Big Idea = Unique Point Of View (POV) + stakes

You need to think this before you train:  Where do I want the audience to move from and where do I want them to move to?

We need to remember that we need to be more interesting than our participants’ inbox when we create elearning.  One way to do this is to incorporate stories.

What happened to the story? We use the same tool to create a report to create a presentation which explains why we have lost the story.

How do you incorporate story?
Every presentation should have a beginning, middle, and end.  There needs to be turning points to move from beginning to middle then middle to end.

Likeable hero in an ordinary world
Call to Action
Refusal of the Call
Meeting with the Mentor
Crossing the Threshold

Freytag’s dramatic story structure
Rising Action
Falling Action

What shape do good presentations/persuading have?
What is
What Could be (The gap between the last two is the call of action)
What is
What Could Be
What Is
What Could be
What Is
New bliss (new norm) 


Harness their resistance to get them where you want them to be quicker (think sailing)

Every presentation needs to have a “Star” moment (Something they’ll always remember)

MLK used repetition, metaphors/visual words, familiar songs/scriptures/literature, and political references in his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Build emotional responses using this framework: Likeable hero has encountered roadblocks and emerges transformed. People will resonate with the emotional story than the unemotional one.



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