Eight Ways You Can Build Better Quizzes with Articulate Quizmaker #ls2011 #503


Jeanette Brooks

Most of us see quizzes as an afterthought when we create elearning.

Before you begin building a quiz, ask:
What is the quiz’s purpose?
How will it help the learner?
How will it help me as the designer?

Different ways to use Quizzes
Knowledge Check 
Formal assessment
Learning scenario

How can we write better questions? 
Think roadmap – what do leaners need to be ale to do when they’re done with your course? Let that be your roadmap for both your quiz and your content.

So if one of your objectives is: Help library patrons look up their account information. What kind of quiz question would you craft? Show the website screen and create a hotspot where one should click.

Go for simple and direct

Use realistic distractors – Bad example: A high-school freshman asks for a library job app. What should you ask before giving her one? Do you have a work permit? What did you have for breakfast? Have you lost all of your baby teeth? Good example: Same question – Work permit? What do your parents think about you working? Are you a good student?

Pay attention to length & depth – make the answers as uniform as possible. The number of possible of answers really depends on the content, but remember that you are not testing the learner’s test taking skills, you are trying to discern knowledge retention.

Don’t assume they know the mechanics of how to actually answer a quiz question. Some short directions can be helpful or think about using a different mechanic to ask the question. Instead of a drag-n-drop question use a radio button is one example.

Four tips for Quizmaker
1. Leverage Blank Slides
2. Go wild with Slide view. Switch to slide view. Go to view then slide master to create the quiz design template.
3. Give richer feedback. Change Feedback to By Answer to customize the feedback for a quiz question
4. Customize the learner’s experience with Branching

There’s a job aid on elearningheros.com that points out all of the “pieces” of Quizmaker.

Jeanette showed some great examples of using Quizmaker.

Quizmaker resources that were shown in today’s class – http://bit.ly/LS2011Quizmaker

A W E S O M E session!


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