Tuesday’s Morning Buzz – Mobile Learning #ls2011

What’s Mobile Learning?
Mobile means always on, battery life of a day, and fits in a “pocket.” It’s connected. It’s “Now” learning.

Thoughts about Mobile Learning
Stolen moments of productivity

Digest-able content not shrunk down e-learning

People want the data/info in a different way/manner/method

We are trying to create training for a device that is meant for making phone calls.

Common denominator of every device is audio and text.

Even if you all use “Blackberry,” which phone models?  There are many different Blackberry models with various features and functions.

HTML5 will make the difference for the various types of phones when it comes to creating mobile learning.

Universal mobile app uses the browser instead of an app that might have to go into the app store.

There’s no silver bullet for the creation and management of the mobile learning.

Think of the two conversation that you can tap into when thinking about mobile learning

Google is focused on mobile first.  Anything that they create must work on mobile device b/c it might not ever make it onto a desktop. Focusing on mobile first causes you to focus on the end user and usability.

There are more phones than toothbrushes in the world.

Elementary schools are buying iTouches b/c they are cheaper than computers plus a lot of kids already have mobile/smart phones.

Ideas for Mobile Learning
QR codes – link to a website that has a video

Instructional Integrity
CAT-cards to secure the mobile phones and what can be accessed/downloaded

Learning is behind the firewall/workers are outside of the firewall
There is VPN capability for mobile phones. iPhones 4 come with VPN – nothing to download. Ask IT for a VPN client for the mobile devices.

No add-ins or plug-ins. Flash is no longer a problem/issue.

New audio and video format (.ogv) which won’t require a plug-in or download. Works natively in any browser. You don’t think about what browser to use when you want to look at a .gif or .jpg. The same will be true for .ogv file format.

Twitter – follow Judy Hale @judyb and follow #mlearncon and follow @Neillasher


Clark Quinn’s book 

Jim P Gee – book on games and literacy


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