Creating Self-Paced Blended Learning #ls2011 #ls2011_103

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]The Presenters: Matt Plass and Mike Tucci


Design a Training Program based on Business Need (will post the activity once I scan the handout) 

Activity Debrief 

Market training to be appealing
Use various medias to market the training
Communication to managers 

Adaptive or prescriptive assessment

Focus training on outcomes for increase in sales

Streamline training so it focuses on the compliance part of the training; do the nice-to-knows in a different format (tips email)

Use social networking to share info

Prerecorded webcast

Interactive game
Scored mastery

Print takeaway job aid

Message board


USB Solution – Workflow
Management video shows company commitment
Assessments (knowledge checks) to test out of training
Product Overviews

Client-based Scenarios (has links to “outside” resources like the product reference guide)
PostKnowledge Assessment

Performance Support
Product Reference Guide
ClientQuick Takes (Knowledge Nuggets, 1-3 minutes long)
Special Learning (sorry I missed what this actually is) 

My takeaways: Take the existing ESAT training into a 10 minute (or less) chunk on writing a business case and another 10 minutes (or less) chunk on writing a financial analysis. Still have the full blown training but offer more “manageable” chunks

Side note about this session: The handout of the slides does not match what we are being shown during the session, and the handout print quality is poor.  Another question I have: Why have a slide if you only plan to spend 10 seconds on it? It took you longer than 10 seconds to create the slide…


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