Creating Interactive Flash Animations Using PPT and Captivate #ls2011


Stephen Acheson


Case Study

Elearning Course

Built in PPT and Articulate

Training Constraints

  • Short Development window
  • Complex
  • Easily translated into other languages (never embed text into a graphic)
  • SWF file

How To

Create the animation in PowerPoint, capture and import into Captivate, and then put into Articulate.

Used the freeform tool and layering to show how the EGR Flow works in a John Deere engine in PPT.  Played the animation and captured the animation with Captivate to create the swf file.

Be careful – you might get mouse finger (the e-learning developer’s version of tennis elbow).

Put the PPT in show mode but show it in an individual window so you can resize the window to capture the image without distorting the image through manually resizing.

Can’t wait to give this a try!



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