There are so many to choose from… #ls2011

The sessions I am planning to attended
You’ll see that some of the blocks have more than one session I would like to attend.  Can I clone myself before March 21?  Maybe I should let the CareFirst Trainers CoP vote on which ones I should attend?

Block #1
Mobile Learning Best Pratices and Lessons Learned
Creating Self-paced Blended Learning
Case Study: In House e-learning Rapid Development
Supporting Performance at Learner’s Five Moments of Need

Block #2
Implementing SME-created Video

Block #3
Rapid e-Learning Development with SME Collaboration
Case Study: How to Drive Business Results through Blended Learning

A Recipe for Integrating Your Course Content into SharePoint

Eight Ways You Can Build Better Quizzes with Articulate Quizmaker

Block #6
Creating Learning Content for Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device
Exploring the Agile Approach to e-Learning Development

Block #7
Your Brain on Graphics: Research-Inspired Visual Design
How to Use Social Networking and Communities of Learning to Develop Training Programs

Block #8
Wonderful Widgets! Creating Cool Interactions in Adobe Captivate
An e-Learning Charter in 45 minutes or Less

Block #9
Micro-learning: Knowledge in Four Minutes or Less



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