There is no research that says that bullet points are the best way to use PowerPoint.??
The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning by Richard E Mayer.?? Focuses on the communication model of sender/receiver.??
Mayer says there are three options:
1) No learning
2) Fragmented learning
3) Meaningful learning – determine what you wanted them to learn and test for that knowledge
Most PPTs fall into number 2.
We need to change the shape of communication
Sensory – take in visual and verbal information
Long term memory
Between these two, working memory or short term.?? More recent studies say that we can only hold 3 – 4 chunks of info in short term memory.
Three problems with the way we do PowerPoint presentations now
Overwhelm – Too much information causes short term memory to grab onto whatever it can.??
Confusion – We force our audience to figure out what is important on the slide we are presenting
Distraction – Two tracks (visual and auditory).?? Each coming into our brains at different speeds.?? Difficult for our brains to link up both channels.
Visual (one graphic with a single headline) is shown on the slide.?? Audio (speaking) is on the notes section of the notes page.?? This is how to overcome the three problems of PowerPoint presentations.

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