#dl09 #dl09-807 Using SharePoint to Enhance Online Learning Events

Ken Cronin and Rob Robertson
Not saying this is the best way, just a way to use what they have.?? Looked at their LMS environment – they couldn't customize it for their online new hire orientation class.?? They could modify SharePoint for their purposes.
The class on SharePoint are there only for the duration for the class.?? They were afraid that people would bookmark old information.
They put a portal under a portal and put classes under the orientation portal.?? They don't lock people out of other courses but do try to focus the learner to their specific class.
They have done very little customization so it is easier for updates to be applied to the site plus it introduces their new hires to the SharePoint environment.?? They do not put their training materials in SharePoint – they link to that course that is in their LMS.?????? They don't store content in SharePoint.
Fast. Factual. Fascinating.?? The tag line/graphic for their Wiki.
They looked at what someone would expect in an instructor led class.?? Ask yourself: what will have happended after the class is over?
Announcements are for immediate information.?? Class discussions for general discussions – not for Q&A because there is a Q&A section.?? Trainers can extract the Q&As and use for another class.?? LMS stuff happens in the LMS.
Nice demo of the Citi SharePoint site.
Permission structure that they used:?? Participants are given read-only access except for certain parts.
This is part of a trainer's performance review.
My main takeaway from this session:??YOU CAN DO THIS!
This was an awesome session.?? They showed us what they did, explained how they did it, and even gave us concrete takeways so we can implement this back at work.?? Great job Ken and Rob!

One thought on “#dl09 #dl09-807 Using SharePoint to Enhance Online Learning Events

  1. I don’t think I mentioned anywhere in my post that they gave us CDs with all of the information (code, mindmaps, instructions, etc) on how they did this. So seriously, I am going to be able to do this on Monday. Very cool!

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