#dl09 #dl09-609 Web 2.0 Technologies and Performance: It’s Working for Google Employees!

Julia Bulkowski & Erika Grouell
Web 2.0 aims to facilitate communication, secure information sharing,
Google recruiter:?? Took a class on email communication.?? Sent the crafted email to the blog.?? Was able to give kudos and tips on the other emails that were submitted.?? The blog allowed her to practice the skill.?? Managers could check on the employees work and there was a bank of well-crafted emails.
Google engineer:?? Uses fellow engineers to keep up to date with programming.?? Google Code Labs – snippets of code submitted by other engineers.?? New engineers start to use Code Lab from day 1.?? Code Lab is time/date and name stamped.?? Engineers can either make the corrections directly to the code or contact the engineer who posted the code.
Wiki:?? Impact on Performance
Decreased new hire ramp up time
Increased quality of code
Experts made visible
Google Wave
Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation
and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more. Sales Account manager:?? Took a class that used Wave to answer questions and people could make comments about each other posts.?? Student received private feedback from the instructor.?? Lots of good ideas were generated and it is easy to find those ideas.
Wave:?? Impact on Performance
Best practice sharing
Meaningful discussions
Online Shared Photo Albums
HW Ops:??Colleagues from another country posted pictures and instructions on how to keep a server room cool.?? She was able to add her own comments.
YouTube and Shared Videos
Every minute, 20 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube.?? Seeing a video on YouTube symphony.?? http://www.youtube.com/symphony
A repository of the best presenters – comments and advice can be made on each video.??
Train the Trainer channel
Google Docs/Google Moderator
Google does have a site that talks about good social media practices and guidelines, but they have open access to anything.
Use scannable barcodes so you can have the info.?? You don't have to type anything.?? It could be a timesaver.
Nice presentation with a lot of good ideas.?? I think we are so tired to participate in the activity the presenters planned for us to participate in.?? Nice touch using the Google docs to capture our knowledge even if we didn't want to participate in the activity.?? I plan to take a look next week to see if anyone added their comments.

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