#dl09 Which sessions will Julie attend today?

So I hope you enjoyed the video recap of the sessions I attended yesterday.?? Here is what is on tap for today:
I am going to today's Breakfast Bytes.?? I don't think I will earn the merit badge, but I try to attend what I can.?? Mark is very knowledgeable about all things social media and how to get your company to rethink the use of these tools.
This morning's Opening Speaker is Eric Zimmerman, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, Gamelab.?? The subject of his keynote is Meaningful Play:?? Serious Game Design for Serious Learning.?? He has a book I might have to buy.
First Session
  • How to Socialize Your Learning Content or
  • iPhone Design and Implementation for Non-programmers
Second Session
  • SharePoint's Innovative Social Media Platform for Connecting Learners
Third Session
  • E-Learning 2.0 Get Real:?? Taking Tips from Documentaries and Reality TV or
  • Web 2.0 Technologies and Performance:?? It's Working for Google Employees!
    • I am going to try to post a poll so you can choose which one I attend.

This evening, it's DemoFest which??"offers??you an amazing opportunity to examine real e-Learning courses that have been designed and developed by your colleagues."


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