#dl09 Opening Session Speaker, Eric Zimmerman

Meaningful Play

Eric plays one on one rock, paper, scissors with a conference attendee


MMRPS massively multiplayer rock paper scissors – Now the entire conference is playing rock scissor paper

games design
teaching, learning
bigger picture

Showing a video of David Perry
Games on a timeline – basketball as an example

Games are not graphics -what did David leave out?

Chess boxing championship – find this and take a look

What is so new about games?

The information Age
abstraction of information

Ludic Age
new kinds of literacies
the ability to create and understand meaning

the rise of systems
information is put at play
game design is a model for this literacy

New literacies are linked to learning. They need to be taught. How do we teach them?

Systems: A set of parts that interrelates to create meaning.

Systems thinking: process not data, holistic thinking, solving big problems

designing system thinking- choose systematic subject manner not content: instead systems of interaction of parts and whole

rules & play
when buying a game, you are buying rules

play is the opposite of rules but without rules play can be hard or not fun

play can create new meanings

play is free movement within a more rigid structure. (play in a steering wheel)

play allows us to create the unexpected

How is play relevant?
systems are necessary but not sufficient
information put at play
play is innovation
play transforms thinking

just a thought – It’s interesting that we will tell people to “play” with social media tools.

manhattan putt putt – uses things already in the environment as the putt putt course (manhole cover)

Making play happen: Is there room for play in your system?

Games are activities to encourage play to create meaning.

I just played a game on stage with Angela and Eric.

Be playful!


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