#dl09-508 #dl09 SharePoint’s Innovative Social Media Platform for Connecting Learning

Austin Winters, Microsoft Corporation

Podcast in the Box
5-6 podcasts supplement each product
Academy Mobile Case Study
  • How Podcasting Enabled our Business
  • Business Overview
  • Demo
Podcasting Kit for SharePoint
  • Social Media Accelerator
The Problem
  • Sharing best practices, provide feedback on governed content and break down the traditional communication barriers
  • Ability to deliver media (podcasts &??vidcasts) across multiple devises, browsers, SmartPhones, and Zunes
The Solution:?? AcademyMobile
Launched an Enterprise Social Computing platform based on Sharepoint 2007 to enable:
  • Field to contribute podcasts & vidcasts
    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Best Practice Sharing
    • Networking based on Topic
  • Field Feedback
    • Ratings and Commenting
    • Active Download Tracking
  • Anytime, anyplace, Support
    • Rich Online Experience
    • Light Smartphone experience
    • On the go Zune experience
Microsoft allows everyone to comment on everyone (even the CEO) so their platform feels like it belongs to the employees.
Evolution of the AcademyMobile
* Idea Incubation
* Project Updates/Status
* Virtual Events
* Corporate Communications
* User Communities
From podcasts to media
* From audio to video
* Live Event Training to On Demand
* Demos
* Virtual Events
* Live Streaming
* Supplemental
From employees to partners
Microsoft Partnercasts:?? Sales and technical focused tips created by product and business solution experts specifically for Microsoft Partners.
The platform available for Microsoft employees is now available to Microsoft partners.
Podcast in a Box program:?? They have video cameras, Camtasia licenses, and audio recorders.?? Anyone could use this equipment but they had to post a least three podcasts/vidcasts.
One Page Upload – Title, description, social tags, and associate themselves as the author
Community Governed Content – No formal review process.?? Have never had a single incident of "bad or wrong" information being posted.?? Everything posted must have an author associated with it so no one has posted career ending material.?? The negative is that no one will post a comment lower than a 4 in a 5 star rating system.?? Thinking about moving to a rating system that looks at how helpful or relevant it is.
It's all about content.?? Made sure that they had a wide library of content.
Event Coverage – Making sure that events were posted on the platform.
Didn't really create additional policy for the content.?? They refer to their corporate policy for information sharing.
Made it very easy to borrow the loaner equipment, and they created a frequent flyer program for the podcasts:?? you get "points" for uploading content??and "points" for your content being downloaded.
Actual costs:?? $24 per podcast vs. $3000-$4000 LMS course.?? Feel that the podcast content is on par with the professional developed courses.??
The really savvy users have learned to use their podcasts to promote themselves professionally internally and externally.
Create Interest, Drive Awareness
* Have PodCamps
* Recognizing those who create podcasts
* Some managers require employees to submit podcasts as part of their performance review
Contribution mix of the uploaded podcasts
37% employee created content
11% executive created content
48% corporate content created
4% Third party provided content
Key Learnings
* Executive Support
* Find and empower the champions
* Work on having the right mix of content
A conference participant uses the blog pages to create a similar podcast platform.
Interesting session, but not what I had expected or needed.

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