#dl09 Social Learning Breakfast Bytes notes

What if our jobs moves from teaching content to teaching capabilities?

Using social learning to allow others to connect with their networks inside a company.

Using social network analysis to discover the “nodes” inyour internal networks

Holding onto/secreting info will make you less powerful because people will no longer come to you

3 biggest issues with social media: fear, control, and cost. Consider these so you can help your org to use them.

Stop thinking about threats and think about capabilities.

HR needs to be involved in this discussion since we want people to participate/use social media as part of their jobs.

Ask yourself: What would you do if you had a blank slate when creating your learning organization/creating training/creating your job?

Ask why I can’t use it? Don’t just take No. Make them “show their work”. What are the reasons why is it blocked? Why is that the policy? Ask.


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