#dl09 First Day of DevLearn

So I've been up since 1 am PST (4 am EST).?? I haven't adjusted to the time out here.?? Rest assured, I have not been a party girl since I've been going to bed at 7 or 8 pm!
So my morning starts at 7:15 am with Breakfast Bytes which are facilitated discussion groups with other conferences attendees.?? We get to share with one another.?? I am planning to go to the one on Social Learning.?? I hope they have coffee.
Then on to Opening Session.?? Today's speaker is Andrew McAfee from MIT's Sloan School of Management.?? He coined the phrase "Enterprise 2.0" and has written a book by the same name.?? (Maybe we will be getting ANOTHER free book.?? I hope so.)?? He'll talk about how companies are using Web 2.0 technologies.?? Sounds very interesting.
I looked over the sessions.?? There are so many that look interesting.?? For today, here are the ones that have my attention:
First Session
Better Beginnings:?? How to Capture Your Audience in 30 seconds or
How to Effectively Incorporate Avatars into E-learning or
How to Create "Video" files that Aren't Actually Video
Second Session
Actions Speak Louder than Words:?? Creating Meaningful e-learning Interactions or
A Case Study of Micro-Blogging for Learning at Qualcomm or
Five Easy Steps to Create e-Manuals for the iPhone and iPod
Last Session
Real-world Case Studies of Successful Rapid Training Development or
Tips & Tricks for Creating Audio for e-Learning
Next time, maybe we will allow you to vote on which session I attend.?? That would be interesting.
I plan to not only send my email updates, but I will try to remember to do a video recap this evening.
That's all for now.

2 thoughts on “#dl09 First Day of DevLearn

  1. Great info. Nice picture on the plane, too. You’re setting the bar very high. I’m going to have to get a phone with a camera!

  2. Are you going to give a debrief of some of your sessions. I attended the March 2008 elearning guild conference and it sounds like it had a similar format. Breakfast bytes at 7:15. I can’t remember if they had coffee. I do know that we did NOT get a book.

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