#dl09-207 Case Study of Micro-blogging for Learning at Qualcomm session notes

Did a "marketing" campaign for their Enterprise 2.0 rollout.??
Qualcomm is usingWordPress, Yammer, Qwiki, Qmark, go/, QForum.
Why micro-blogging???
A good way to get quick answers to questions.
A good way to get people throughout a company (regardless of where they may be located) to collaborate.
A way for??people who don't know each other to meet and share common interests.
A way to promote your training classes/sessions.??
A way to send out information after the training event.
It can be a virtual water cooler.
Micro-blogging is a great way to send a quick message to many people.
Questions:?? Does micro-blogging really count as learning?
Bershin & Associates Research Bulletin, 2009, Vol. 4, Issue 36
How to implement:
Find a sponsor and get buy-in
Think about:?? budget, internal vs external, gather requirements (include other departments), and do some research/investigate vendors.
Qualcomm chose Yammer because how accessible it is on various mobile devices, browsers, and other social media apps.
  • Some people just won't get it.?? And that's ok.
  • Remain objective.?? Don't evangelize too much.
  • Legal challenges/intellectual property issues may arise.
  • Electronic media policies may need to be updated.
  • Remember that the success of these systems isn't always based on numeric data.
  • Keep security in mind.
How is this different from IM??? It is a quick message to one person where micro-blogging is quick message to many.?? Plus you can't see any trends in IMs.
Qualcomm has had zero incidents with their Yammer account.
Tips for a Successful Implementation
  • Begin with a grassroots approach.
  • Hold informal training sessions.
  • Find a vocal group of beta testers.
  • Don't set strict rules.
  • Constantly monitor user feedback and make changes as needed.
  • Communicate the "story" of micro-blogging
  • Use micro-blogging as a back channel during training.
  • Contests, quizzes, giveaways, sneak peeks.
  • Partner with internal departments.
Top Uses of Micro-blogging at Qualcomm
  • Connecting
  • Community Building
  • Bridging silos and distances
  • Continuous status updates
  • Real time chat
  • Industry research and news
  • Internal marketing
  • Increase sphere of influence
Use hashtags so people can search for specific topics.?? Qualcomm has someone who posts management tips and uses a hashtag so they are easily searched.
BJ and John are showing a lot of great ways to use Yammer as listed above.
What's the ROI of a 24/7 fully-networked, 100% connected workforce?
Unexpected Benefits
  • Knowledge Experts/SMEs emerged
  • Brought groups together over common topics
  • Bridged silos
  • Led to the update of official eMedia policy
Moral of Story
  • Partner, partner, partner
  • Educate, educate, educate
  • Succeed or fail cheap and fast
  • Provide an Enterprise 2.0 alternative or people will find an unauthorized way
  • Micro-blogging is changing the way Qualcomm learns, works, develops products

Awesome presentation!?? A lot of great take aways that can be implemented the moment I get back!


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