#dl09 More Opening Remarks

intrinsic motivation


media that is in the public but not for the public

Why publish? Don’t ask this question anymore because it doesn’t cost anything anymore to publish anything online.

Student is charged with 147 academic charges for having a Facebook study group by his college Ryerson U. Using old model rules to enforce policies on new technology. To take advantage of new technology one must come up with new rules, not modify the old rules.

How can we take advantage of the willingness to use social media? How do we harness that excitement and desire?

First Linux message: Just doing it as a hobby.
First wikipedia post: Humor me. Go there and a liitle article. It will only take 5 or 10 minutes.
Both started out small and focused on trying instead of the possible failure. Focus on Iterate into something larger each iteration. Don’t focus on the success you expect.

Experiment with it and build upon your success.


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