Would you allow tweeting while you train?

Lately, there has been a lot of talk on the various social media site about participants tweeting during training.  A good number of trainers seem shocked and down-right offended that anyone would tweet during a class.  I am sort of shocked by this attitude.

This summer, I went to ASTD ICE.  I tweeted every session I attended.  I remember every session I attended.  How often do we as trainers have anyone who can say that about what we trained?  I follow Jane Bozarth on Twitter (@JaneBozarth).  She tweeted this today: “Interesting that some trainers who like it when people take notes don’t like it when those notes are tweeted instead of written on paper.”  Why does the method of note taking matter?  Just something to ponder.


2 thoughts on “Would you allow tweeting while you train?

  1. I never thought of tweeting as taking notes, but when you say it that way it makes sense. HOWEVER, let’s get real. If I’m tweeting, I’m not only going to tweet a note or two, I’m going to see what else is going on. If the tweeter has enough discipline to tweet a note, then get engaged with the content of the instructor, then tweet away. I’m not sure tweeting for note taking is a good solution. Take the notes in the class and stay engaged. When class is over, then tweet-away. I like this posterous feed on your Dev Learn area. I’m going to do this for my trip to the ASTD TechKnowledge conference in January.

  2. You will be able to tweet in EVERY session at TechKnowledge. No one is worried about your engagement with the content because by tweeting the content you are engaged. By the way, should your participants really be engaged with you as the instructor or what you are instructing? And how about being engaged with each other? Sounds a little too instructor-focused… IMHO

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